Ant Man review

Finally got round to seeing the latest Marvel instalment. In a nutshell, it’s a fun movie that feels ‘small’ in scope in comparison to something like Winter Soldier or Avengers.

I assume that this is intended. For me, I like the feeling of a larger universe and whilst other dimensions are hinted at in this, it’s mostly taking place in the confines of a couple of blocks within one city.

The effects were very good – the shrinking aspects were handed really well (there are a couple of scenes that are really impressive – you’ll know them when you see them) and the cast is decent. The jokes work fairly well, but for me the best bits were the references to other movies and the after credit scenes (there are two).

It’s good to see Hank Pym finally in the MCU, albeit far more level headed than he is in the comics – the jury is out as to whether this is a character that can impact on the MCU long term – my feeling is that we won’t see him again unless it’s a cameo appearance here and there or in a follow up movie. It’s a shame not to make more of Michael Douglas, but hey ho.

Overall, a fun action movie, with some clever gags.

Wearables – Initial Thoughts

Having had surgery on my back recently, I’ve become more conscious of my daily activity (or lack thereof) and so I decided to get a Fitbit (having ruled out an Apple Watch).

I bought it on the basis that it was fairly cheap and offered the best (and easiest) way of tracking my daily activity especially steps and walking, which is all I’m allowed to do at the moment (Doctor’s orders). It links nicely to my iPhone 6 and actually has a nice call notification feature. However, I notice that whilst in the ‘monitoring’ phase i.e. using the device to see exactly what I’m doing or not doing (rather than actively trying to ‘up’ my activity – Doctor’s Orders), the best bit was the linking with my iPhone. As such I wanted more connectivity such as text messages showing up, news updates etc. That’s not what the Fitbit is for. So… I’ve bought an Apple Watch instead.

I’ll have it in a few days. The first time I looked I decided against one mainly because I have a nice collection of watches already and I don’t necessarily want to buy one watch that makes them all redundant. But having had a slight taste of connectivity on my wrist, I’m keen and I think that after the initial 6 month period I’ll happily swap my watches like I normally do. My iPhone 6 will still record my activity so even if I’m not wearing the Apple watch (all the time) it can still track me.

I’ll do a full review when I’ve got it.

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