Apple Watch – A few months on

Overall I love this device. As each day passes I use it more and more and find that it has quite easily become an integral part of my daily routine. It clocks my activity, sends me reminders, let’s me know what’s going on with my phone when it’s in my bag, pocket or another room, tells me what music is playing, gives me access to my pictures and so on. I also find that I spend less ‘wasted’ time on my iPhone because of it.

With it being a success, there are however, still ares of improvement.

My biggest gripe is the fact that there is not more watch face customisation allowed. Don’t get me wrong, the faces are cool but I’d like more faces from Apple (with additional customisation), the ability to add more ‘complications’ and the option of purchasing apps that provide completely new faces. Even the ability to design my own would be cool. I’m sure with each software update, there will be some further face improvement.

Apple Watch App Store. It’s very similar to the normal App Store (in fact, whislt it’s a separate icon it apears to be a dedicated section of the store) but it doesn’t seem to have as good updates as it’s parent store. I’d like to see new watch apps highlighted more regularly.

Siri gets much more use on my watch than it does on the iPhone, which would have surprised me 3 months ago. Setting alarms, entering calendar entires, opening up an app or looking something up on Wikipedia is great and it’s all done without the touch of a button. However, I’d like the ability to have a deeper Siri experience. Say, the capability of controlling and entering data on even more apps, native or not.


Comics Wish List

Having spent a fortune over the last few months on eBay and at Marts, I’ve taken some time away from online searching. Of course, my absence from the eBay store never lasts long and I’m already putting together a mini wish list for issues I want to get next.

With sources like the and it’s easy to do research on story runs, arcs and so forth. CBR is great for all the latest news as well as super lists, especially things like, greatest artists, all time best runs and so on.

Anyway, these are some of the issues I’ll be keeping an eye out for in the coming months (in no particular order):

Batman #368 – Jason Todd’s first appearance as Robin

Batman #251 – Neal Adams – Joker’s Fiveway Revenge

Captain America #113 – Jim Steranko – The Strange Death of Captain America

House of Mystery #174 – Mystery/Horror format starts

Recent Purchases

Attending London Comic Mart a few weeks back and I managed to pick up some cool purchases. In the past I’ve wandered aimlessly around, flicking through boxes but in the last couple of years I’ve been a bit more targeted.

This time I had my eye out for specific Batman issues, House of Mystery, Conan, Phantom Stranger and Tomb of Dracula.

Obviously my wish list is extensive (70 plus years’ of comics) so there will always be something missing from the collection and thus I’ll always be looking. Anyway, here are some of the purchases.

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