Current Writing Workflow … or a Rant about iCloud

Like most techie people (I think), I have searched for years, to find my perfect writing environment. Attempts (many successful) have included laptops, tablets and a huge variety of apps and software.

I now find myself using a variety of Mac apps with Scrivener being the cement that holds it all together. I moved over to Mac for creative reasons and whilst I still use a QuietPC Windows machine (which is epic) I love my Mac too.

I had always planned to use Scrivener. There was something about the software that I was always attracted to. It seemed to be so thoughtfully constructed and directed at someone just like me. The binder section really makes it for me, especially as it’s so customisable. It is far more powerful than I need it to be but so far, I love it.

In terms of my blogging I now find myself using the built-in WordPress editor either on Safari or Chrome. I think it is actually pretty good and it now means that I can keep all my drafts, ideas and published posts in one place. I tend to use it either on the Mac or on the iPad. Either works well.

For short stories and prose, I find that I use Scrivener, OmmWriter and Pages with good results. Because I’m tied to the iOS and Mac ecosystem I have replaced Word with Pages (although I still use Word for work purposes on a daily basis). My concern with Pages is iCloud. I’ve given iCloud more chances than I can remember but it continually lets me down. Running it across three devices shouldn’t be too challenging but I regularly find my iPad or iPhone showing older versions of documents and waiting for it to catch up.

As such, I took the view that Pages would work just as well regardless of what platform it sat on. As I now use a WD My Cloud, I save all my documents on that (assuming I have an Internet connection). What this means is that I tend to avoid iCloud except for copies of key documents and if I don’t have Internet access then I save documents locally. I still get to use Pages but I save everything on the WD My Cloud. Perfect.

Do you have a specific workflow when it comes to drafting a blog or novel?

I posted my first short story

So after 5 years of running this blog I finally got round to publishing a short story that I wrote on my commute to work. Every now and then I get a 30 minute window of unadulterated peace to do whatever I want. Occasionally I use it to write short stories. I’ve always intended to publish them on this site but have just never got round to it.

Well that changed the other week when I posted this. I have to say it is quite liberating to get it out there for the scrutiny of anyone who wishes to read it.

The question now is, can I do anything further with it? Can I extend its viewership? Any ideas would be welcome.

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