The Enfield Haunting and Ghosts …

The prospect of paranormal activity is a fascinating topic and one One that I have always been interested in. I must confess though, that I don’t really believe in these sightings. The Enfield Haunting was an incident that took place in Enfield, North London in 1977. A poltergeist was ‘poltergeisting’ a young girl and her family over the course of a year or more. Investigators were brought in and there were a number of incidents that couldn’t be explained – wardrobes smashed, marbles thrown in the air and the young girl (Janet) mimicking the voice of an old man (who turned out to be a previous resident of the house and deceased). All very creepy and all very unexplained.

Sky Living have made a 3 three part show based on the real life events and having watched all 3 three parts last night, I have to say I thought it was excellent. Firstly, the cast was excellent (especially Timothy Spall and Matthew MacFadyen) both of whom I’m a big fan of. Secondly the attention to detail in terms of the clothing and decor of the house being in the 70s was spot on. The scenes involving the poltergeist were excellent (scary) and there were a few moments where some additional underwear wouldn’t have gone a miss!

Of course, for the disbeliever, one feels that such events can always be explained away somehow. Maybe it was all a game? A young girl going through puberty? A missing father figure? Repressed emotions? Bullying at school? Or maybe poltergeist do exist? This show and the realise events don’t prove or disprove anything really. Either way, I do wonder, why don’t we hear about poltergeist in the UK more often? Where have they all gone? My final question is, even if it isn’t true, could a girl (and her family) really pull something off that couldn’t be explained by science or common sense? Food for thought.

Technology – It’s the Little Things

One aspect of the Mac operating system that I have really embraced is the multiple desktops function. If you have a number of windows or tabs open and are multitasking across apps, this is such a simple, yet effective way of managing your screen space (which can feel limited on a laptop).

It basically allows you to have each app in full screen mode and you simply swipe from side to side to get each full screen presented app. This way I can have five or six apps (or more) running and I can move seamlessly between them.

Simple, but very useful.

Current Reading

So I promised myself that I wouldn’t succumb to all the Convergence tie-ins and instead I would stick with the core Convergence title.

So this happened:

Uh, so I thought you were just buying the core issues?

Note, they aren’t all DC. The bottom line is that the fear of missing a key event (concerning certain characters) means I can’t help myself.

I think it has gotten better with each issue and some of the tie-ins are pretty decent. Issue #5 of Convergence was pretty good and a nice touch at the end.

Marvel have also got into the act with Secret Wars and issue #1 was pretty good.I especially liked (although felt a bit sad) when they said officially that the main and Ultimate Marvel universes were dead.

Either way, as I’ve said recently, it’s a great time to be into comics.

Here are some pics of my current reading.




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