Spider-Man in Civil War

We knew it was coming. Marvel Studios and Sony, managed to strike a deal to allow Spider-Man to appear in a Marvel Studio movie. That in of itself is cool, because, let’s be honest, that is where he belongs. The world of comics benefits (whether we are talking about DC or Marvel or any independent) from having a portfolio of characters that can all interact with each other. It should be the same in the movies (although, maybe not quite to the same extent).

I’ve said before that there can be no Spider-Man movie that shows me something that I haven’t already seen. I’m sorry but it’s true. We’ve had 5 different Spider-Man movies with two different Spider-men. They all had good elements (and awful ones) and covered a lot of ground. To have another ‘new’ Spider-Man movie is (I think) unnecessary. It could well be the point where Marvel begins to get boring (although I obviously hope not).

So far they have benefited from introducing a set of characters that most people didn’t know (unless they read or have read the comics). Everyone knows about Spider-Man already. So to make him younger, put him back in School and try and make him relevant in a world where Marvel heroes are going to fight aliens – I’m not sure it will work.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Tom Holland) Photo Credit: Film Frame © Marvel 2016

Spider-Man gets a small bit of screen time in Civil War and it is a decent introduction. I didn’t like the suit. It looked far too CGI’ed. Seeing Spider-Man webbing around like a spider was exactly like it always looks. There were plenty of quips and jokes (which I liked), which is true to the comics, but they can only go so far.

I understand that the movie will be called Spider-Man: Homecoming. I think having Iron Man on site will help but they probably need to bring others into the fold or else this will be a property that will struggle. Spider-Man will benefit from being part of someone else’s movie, even if his name is in the title. 


Civil War – Pre-Movie Questions

Reading Time: 3-4 Minutes

Please Note: This post contains spoilers! So, if you don’t want the comic or film spoilt, don’t continue reading. You’ve been warned. I haven’t yet seen the movie (and have done my best to avoid any spoiler reviews) but I have the read the comic (a few times), so if they stick with any of it, I know what happens. If you continue reading, you will too!

In a little over 3 hours, I’ll be viewing Captain America: Civil War. This is another 2016 movie that I’m obviously very excited about seeing. I plan to write my review when I get home (as I always do – plan, that is) but I may end up having to sleep first. So, I thought I’d post my expectations and pre-movie thoughts.

The Civil War storyline is pretty epic and I’d suggest that anyone who likes to read (or dabble) in comics and has not read this story – should – right now! It is a particularly good Marvel arc that spans the whole Marvel universe.



So, here we are:

How will Spider-Man fit in? And how much of his origin will be told in this movie?

How will this film fare without Thor and Hulk making an appearance? Or will they, either in the film or post credit scene?

Same question with Nick Fury.

Will they kill Steve Rogers?

If they do, will he be properly dead or comic book dead?

Will any other characters die?

Which characters will start with one team and turn to the other (whether by design or change of heart)?

How much of Blank Panthers background/history will we get?

Will Stephen Strange (Doctor Strange) get a mention either in the film or post credit scene?

How much of the film will have Hawkeye and Black Widow trying to convince each other they are right? Or is Black Widow a plant?

Can Bucky beat Blank Panther?

Will Crossbones be nails? Will Sin (Red Skull’s daughter) get any kind of mention?

How big a part does Agent 13 (Sharon Carter) play?

Are we going to get some quality Iron Man, War Machine Action?

How does the Vision and Scarlet Witch relationship grow? If at all.

Will Thanos make any kind of appearance or will reference be made to the infinity stones?

Who’s the real villain of the movie? Who is influencing who?

Will any other characters (not yet introduced in the Marvel Movie Universe) make any kind of surprise appearance or get cameos/mentions?


Civil War

I’m pretty psyched for this movie. So far the Captain America movies have really led from the front. The First Avenger was a good mix of war movie, origin story and unknown magics (Marvel style). The second movie was all out action, based on a really cool story arc (Winter Soldier).

There has been plenty of press coverage on Civil War and the trailers have been running for a while now. None of it has dampened my excitement. In fact, it has probably increased it. Personally, I think it will be pretty spectacular. I think for non-comic fans, the (reported) lack of Thor and Hulk might make it appear a watered down Avengers movie. It certainly isn’t, but some (not in the know) may see it that way.

I also think, that if they are continuing to use the comics as their inspiration (and they should because they are epic stories) then, Captain America may not be quite the same by the end of it. I guess it depends on contracts and how much of a gamble Marvel are willing to take.

My ticket is purchased and I’ve started to re-read the Brubaker run just to get the Winter Soldier and Civil War comic feel. I suspect there might be a Marvel Movie Marathon over the weekend too.



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