The Force Awakens Chat

I read Matty Granger’s lengthy response (read it here) to the Huffington Post’s ridiculous ’40 Unforgivable Plot Holes in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ (which I’m not going to link) and I feel that his sometimes candid comments sum the movie up for me (it’s pretty darn good) – it’s not perfect but haters are only hating because they are stupid or don’t get that it’s part of a wider franchise.

As he rightly points out, with no regulation, the Internet gives idiots an opportunity to rip into something simply for the sake of doing it. Whether you’re a Star Wars fan, a fantasy fan or a sci-fi fan, this is a fun movie. Yes, things could have been done differently, but hey, lots of questions will be answered in the coming movies. Enjoy the mystery.

Anyway, I’m sure you have all made up your own mind on the movie. I’ve decided not to review it, as everything that can be said on it, already has. I gave it 8.5/10 after two viewings. I’ll be buying it digitally and look forward to the forthcoming episodes and related movies. May the Force be with you.

Comics Due 7 January

Swamp Thing 1

First pull list of the year and it’s a small one. Great to see Kelly Jones doing Swamp Thing, so I’ll definitely be adding that to the list. Haven’t read any of Mr Morrison’s 18 days as I’ve decided to read it all in a one-er. Same with Miracleman. Guess that leaves some more ‘Eternal’ action.

Miracleman By Gaiman And Buckingham #6
Batman And Robin Eternal #14
Swamp Thing (2016) #1 (Of 6)
Grant Morrisons 18 Days #7

Pull List 31 December

With the holidays and travelling around the country I have two weeks worth of comics to collect. Hopefully I’ll get into Gosh at some point in the next week.

So what have we got going on then?

Captain America White #5 (Of 5)

I’ve only read the first issue of this so I can’t comment on the story with any real justification. My first impression was ‘it’s ok.’ It feels a bit like an old fashioned Batman and Robin tale. The art is cool of course, but I suspect that I might turn to this on a damp Sunday afternoon when I’ve read everything else.

Batman And Robin Eternal #13

I’ve decided to stick with this for now. Like most Batman fans, I love seeing all the Robin iterations in one place. I have found the story overly convoluted but I suspect that is more due to my general tiredness than the story being deliberately complicated.

Batman Europa #3 (Of 4)
Flash (2011) #47
Justice League (2015) #47

Wonder Woman (2011) #47

I had started reading this due to David Finch’s art but I think he is on cover duty only for #47. I’ll give it this issue and take a view. Up to know though, I have enjoyed it.

James Bond #3

Batman And Robin Eternal #12

Dark Knight III Master Race #2 (Of 8)

I really enjoyed reading #1 of this. I loved the art. I felt like I was back in familiar territory, with a twist. This has the potential to be epic.

Justice League Of America (2015) #6
Jupiters Circle Vol 2 #2
Nameless #6

Resolutions made Simple


This is my last WordPress post of 2015. It has been a good year by all accounts. As a new year ushers in, I normally set out a page and half of resolutions and plans. As a ‘list writer extraordinaire,’ there is a definite therapeutic feel to writing such a list. Of course, like most people, I stick to a few (for a few months) and then I roll (no weight pun intended) into old (bad) habits.

With this in mind, I have decided not to set myself a ton of resolutions for the new year. Actually, I’m pretty content with the life I live. Yes, I could make some tweaks here and there, but nobody is perfect.

So, what I have decided to do is to keep it simple. That’s my one resolution. Far too often life is complicated by overly daft and complex plans, especially ones that you won’t stick to.

So, ‘keep it simple.’ What this really means is that I will continue with my own personal development without trying to change everything at once. Some may say this is unambitious. I’d say, it’s sensible.

If I were going to set myself resolutions I would probably break each section of my life into headings such as, ‘work’, ‘family’, ‘health’, ‘comics’, ‘tech’ and ‘house extension’ etc. I would then plot each target under the headings. I’d likely have 20 plus resolutions. That’s not a good idea.

So, instead, with simplicity, I know there are certain things that I ‘must’ do in 2016. And I’m not talking about the basics such as eat, sleep etc. One example – I want to lose weight. I had a back operation in 2015, that by all accounts seems to have been a success. I have some temporary residual issues in my leg which will pass but ultimately prevents me (for now) doing much in the way of exercise. So, keeping it simple, if I walk 10,000 steps or an hour a day, I will soon start to shed weight and get back to a healthy size. Simple.

To enable me to do this, I have set a daily alarm on my Apple Watch. It goes off at lunch (telling me to get outside and walk) and in the evening, questioning how many minutes I’ve walked for. Simple. Every day, I have some encouragement and a reminder to get my 10,000 steps in. And the watch monitors it all, so I know exactly where I am each day.

Tied into this, is alcohol. No more drinking during the week. In January, this is normally quite easy to do because loads of people are either skint or doing a ‘dry January’ (or both). So, I’m not buying any alcohol for the house. If there is none in the house, I won’t be tempted. Simple. I’ll set myself a water target and set another alarm on my watch asking me in the evening how much water I’ve consumed. Alcohol will be a distant memory.

Blogging has been a big part of my life since I started back in 2009. Every year I try and set myself targets to either produce more content or gain more readers. My view now is, it doesn’t matter. I blog because I enjoy writing and putting my views out there. I don’t generally say much on current affairs (although occasionally I get into a heated debate on Twitter) so my topic range tends to be fairly consistent.

So in the interests of simplicity, I’m taking some time over the next few days to plan the next 6-12 months of blogs. Over the last few years, I’ve improved at knowing the best time for me to write and the best times to post. So, again, with an alarm set, I’ll schedule 30 minutes on a Wednesday night for example and an hour on a Saturday morning to get some blogging done. I’ll also load into WordPress some ideas so that when I log on, there’s a list of topics that I can develop over time. In terms of how many blogs I’d like to post over a 12 month period, as long as I get one substantive post a week I’m pretty happy.

Of course, I do think that for those of us inclined to write lists, the resolution can be a compulsion. I jump from to-do app to productivity app like my life depends on it. Only earlier this month, I resorted to pen and paper again. It’s actually working really well but that’s for another blog – scheduled for sometime in January 😀.

Happy New Year.

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