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  • peterobe 4:00 pm on July 24, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Online Music – The Spotify Model 

    There was a time when all I could think about was Napster. In those days it was amazing to see how the internet could be used to share stuff. The legal issues were there from the beginning but the law didn’t really know how to handle it. But Napster changed the way we listened to music. So did the MP3 player. I remember getting my first iPod (3rd Generation, which I still have) and showing it off to friends. No one really realised how big there were to become. Within 2 years everyone had one, sometimes two. 

    When the iPod came over to Windows, it ultimately meant that iTunes became our player of choice. It’s a program that I use, but I’ve never particularly liked it. It’s bloatware. It takes up far too much space for a program that struggles with the basics. The Mac version seems a bit more stable (as you’d hope it would be) but still it doesn’t really do it for me. The problem is, I did like the fact that if I wanted to listen to a track (at any point) I could go to the iTunes Store and purchase it there and then (assuming they had it). Instantly it would be on my phone and desktop. It was great. I spent hours building playlists, perfect for every occasion. Again, I could take them with me wherever I went. I could also download them straight from the cloud. It was fantastic. Of course, problems always began when you got a new device. The transfer was never simple and over time you found yourself having to rebuild those playlists and repopulating iTunes. It became tedious. 

    Whilst I still have all my music on Buffy (including iTunes purchases) I rarely use iTunes now. I obviously use it to transfer films and TV shows to my iPad but that’s about it. I occasionally listen to music through it but everything changed in January 2013 when I began to use Spotify.

    Let’s get the financials out of the way first. I pay £10 per month for Spotify Premium. That gives me access to the whole catalogue… Everything. I can have the music on Buffy, my Mac, my iPhone and my iPad.  Wherever I want it. I can download the tracks straight onto my phone, hundreds at a time … thousands if you have the capacity. I can create playlists or indulge in ready made ones (and there are seriously thousands for every occasion or mood). I can import playlists from other apps and software. I can import all my pre existing music (from any computer, not just five pcs) into Spotify and find it on my phone within minutes. For the music lover it is the future of listening to music. 

    It also serves as a fantastic ‘discovery’ tool. This was the reason I got into it in the first place. You can play a radio playlist based on one particular track or one particular artist. Invariably you find lots of new stuff that you didn’t even know existed. You get suggestions and recommendations based on what you have previously listened to and you get all the new releases sitting waiting for you. I calculated that in one month, if I had listened to the same music on iTunes I would have spent (on the basis that an average new album on iTunes costs £10.99) £230 in one month for the equivalent music. That’s almost 2 years worth of Spotify subscription. 

    For anyone looking to discover new music, check out Spotify.

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    Comics due 23 July 

    100Th Anniversary Special #1 Avengers
    Original Sin #5.2
    Batman (2011) #33 (Zero Year)
    Batman And Robin (2011) #33 (Robin Rises)
    Batman Eternal #16
    New 52 Futures End #12
    Superman (2011) #33 (Maybe)


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    Current Reading 





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    So what is going to happen to Steve Rogers? #captainamerica

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    Why can’t everything be retina screened

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    I’d like the tagging system that the Mac OS X uses on my iPad. Is that going to be in iOS8?

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    A New OS – Mac OS 

    So I finally decided to get myself a Macbook Pro (13inch, Retina screen), fully pimped up. The Mac OS was the only operating system that I hadn’t had a play around with. I’m pretty familiar with Windows 7, various Linux Distros and of course iOS. I love Windows 7 on my QuietPC media centre, commonly know as Buffy. It works as the main ‘server’ for the house system. It works great. 

    The reason why I never went down the route of a Mac desktop was the fact that it couldn’t be as easily upgraded or pimped out as a Windows machine. I used to spend a lot of time building and upgrading my PCs and I knew my way round them. 

    This is obviously less of a consideration for a laptop. I took the view that whilst Buffy is the hub, day to day I use iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) as my main computers. Getting a Mac laptop would compliment them very nicely, especially with the new Yosemite OS coming out later in the year. It is really just an extension of everything I’m already using and my existing laptop was on it’s last legs anyway (an excellent Asus). 

    I’ll write a separate blog on the things I don’t like (as there are a few) but overall I do like the Mac OS. In many ways it is not that different in functionality to Windows. The shortcuts take a bit of getting used to though. The retina screen was a big driver for me as I’ve become so used to it on my iPad that I can’t image not having that clarity on every device I use. The boot up speed is great, as is the battery life. Of course it is a good looking machine. I did research this for about 6 months and struggled to find a better looking machine. I like the fact that I can install a new font, let’s say onto the system and I can access it from any word processor that I install. In the past, on Windows I would have to install it per program. Getting my files over from my old laptop were easy, although there were the obvious installation files that didn’t make it. I like Terminal. A much easier system than DOS. I’m still teaching myself the basics, but I can navigate around Finder pretty easily via Terminal which is great.  So far, I am enjoying. 


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    Shaping up nicely. Bound to be goals in the second half.

  • peterobe 7:33 pm on July 13, 2014 Permalink | Reply

    Tough to call this #WorldCupFinal

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    Comics due 16 July 

    Avengers World #9
    Deadpool Draculas Gauntlet #2 (Of 7)
    Original Sin #3.2
    Original Sin #6 (Of 8)
    Secret Avengers (2014) #5
    Ultimate FF (2014) #4
    Batman Eternal #15
    New 52 Futures End #11
    Robin Rises Omega #1
    Witchfinder Mysteries Of Unland #2

    Original Sin 6

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