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  • peterobe 1:00 pm on September 1, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Medium – A Disappointing Experience 

    I don’t think I’m particularly impatient. I get how the Internet works. I’ve been blogging for 5 years and hope to continue down this road for many more years. But when it came to Medium, this new fangled, cool blogging site I found myself removing content quicker than you can say ‘I’ve just uploaded a new post.’ 

    I had a conversation the other night with my mother-in-law. She is not particularly techie and she was asking me to describe what a blog was. Without too much irrelevant detail I went down the route of informational website with content created by a user or group of users. The discussion became a debate and then went onto ‘why’ one would blog. The answer to this question will vary dependant on the individual. There will be a common theme of ‘therapeutic’ or ‘I like to share my views’ or ‘I like people reading my content’. This latter point is the one I want to flag. Whilst I’m not out to get millions of followers, if I write something for the benefit of others, then I’d like ‘others’ to read it (whether they agree with it or not). If a debate or discussion ensues then all the better. 

    On Medium, it seems that it’s almost impossible to get anyone to read your content without first already knowing someone within the community. They have ‘collections’ and ‘editors’ and the idea is that you get yourself into a selected collection and submit your post and an editor will decide whether to post your submission. I’m fine with that (as it seems to make sense), but it’s really unclear how to get access to these editors. So much so that after 3 or 4 days of my post sitting on the site and it being read by precisely nobody I decided to remove it. It’s a shame because the post was perfect for Medium but if it sits in the web black hole then I will salvage it and save it for this wonderful platform. I’ll still use Medium for reading but until it becomes clearer how to actually get content read, I will put my posts elsewhere. To be continued.

  • peterobe 4:35 pm on August 24, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Comics Due 27 August 

    Avengers #34

    Original Sin #5.4

    Batman Eternal #21

    Batman Superman #13

    New 52 Futures End #17

    Sinestro (2014) #5

    Superman (2011) #34


    Avengers 34

  • peterobe 6:10 pm on August 19, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Comics due 20 August 

    A nice quiet week.

    New Avengers #23

    Secret Avengers (2014) #7

    Batman And Robin (2011) #34

    Batman Eternal #20

    Multiversity #1

    New 52 Futures End #16

    Fade Out #1 (maybe)



  • peterobe 4:30 pm on August 9, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Comics due 13 August 

    Avengers World #11

    Original Sin #7 (Of 8)

    Original Sin #7 (Of 8)

    Batman (2011) #34

    Batman Eternal #19

    New 52 Futures End #15

    Starlight #5



  • peterobe 4:00 pm on August 7, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    The Future of Comic Movies 

    I think it is fair to say that comics currently rule the world. Well, they certainly have had their fair share of worldwide exposure thanks to Hollywood and a plethora of movies. In the past, it was generally accepted that comics were for sweaty, slightly unhinged individuals and that comic movies were gash. Maybe not too far from the truth, if it was still the early nineties. And most of those individuals are probably still reading comics and wearing suits and have corporate jobs (I wasn’t sweaty or unhinged actually). The recent onslaught of movies have for the most part been good or excellent. They pull huge numbers of cinema goers and break every blockbuster record under the sun. Are comic movies here to stay? Yes. Are they going to continue being hugely successful? Yes. However, the long term success of these movies now rests on the shoulders of one company, and it’s not Marvel. 

    Marvel have shown us the way. They have done an excellent job of creating a universe where their characters can co-exist. Aside from the legal wrangling re X-men, Fantastic 4 and Spider-man, they have pretty much tied themselves up to large and small screen viewings for the next 100 years. We know their formula and it has been good so far. Guardians of the Galaxy is going to try and take a different direction and it may fail (although at the time of writing, it seems to be very well liked critically and by fanboys). Regardless of what happens with Guardians, Marvel will have to nail their next big budget effort. Age of Ultron has to be better than Avengers otherwise it will be deemed a flop. 

    But that’s Marvel. The real point here is this. DC Comics have to get the Batman Superman: Dawn of Justice film absolutely right otherwise punters (aside from hardcore fans) will decide (and maybe rightfully so) that they have had enough of comics on the big screen. It doesn’t really affect geeks like me. I’ll still read the source material (until I run out of space). I’ll still go and see the movies. But it’s not necessarily comic geeks like me that the studios need to woo. I’m already a convert. Comics are in my blood. So, tune in for part 2 of this post and find out what I think DC have to do to get this right and set the correct course for all future comic franchises. 

  • peterobe 7:03 am on August 5, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    When I first used #stacks on the Mac I didn’t like it. However, just started using them again and I have to say… cool. I like #stackswayforward

  • peterobe 7:01 am on August 5, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    I’d like a #Wordpress share button in notifications on my Mac. That would be awesome.

  • peterobe 4:00 pm on August 3, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Comics Due 6 August 

    New Avengers (2014) #22

    Original Sin #3.4

    Original Sin #5.3

    Batman Eternal #18

    Detective Comics (2011) #34

    Earth 2 #26

    Green Lantern (2011) #34

    New 52 Futures End #14



  • peterobe 2:00 pm on August 3, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Marvel Movies – Order of preference 

    It’s usually a pub discussion, but with so many Marvel movies already existing (and at least another twenty on the way) I thought I would put them down in order of preference. 1 being my favourite.

    1. Avengers
    2. Iron Man 1
    3. Captain America 2
    4. Captain America 1
    5. Hulk
    6. Iron Man 2
    7. Thor 2
    8. Thor
    9. Iron Man 3

    I should point out that I dislike none of these films. I found Iron Man 3 to be a bit boring. The Thor movies were enjoyable but he is a character I’m less fussed about.  The two Captain America movies are interchangeable actually. I’ve only seen Winter Soldier once so probably need to view that again before I can decide. Either way, I thought they were both excellent. What order would you put them in?

    Note: I haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet so can’t comment.

  • peterobe 5:00 pm on August 2, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    British Library – Comics Unmasked Exhibition 

    I’ve been meaning to go this for a while. The British Library in London has opened it’s doors and put on display an impressive collection of comics, magazines, books and engravings. With work dating back to the 1400s (Paupers Bible), the exhibition runs through a deep history of comics and their affect on the British way of life. Divided into distinct sections, you find yourself being guided around the Library, engrossed in the art, the pages and the small but knowledgable information stacks that explain each item. At each corner there is a eerily real huddle of Guy Fawkes (aka V for Vendetta) masked mannequins vigilantly watching you as you wok your way through the darkened rooms (which helps to protect the older works). The sections roughly cover mischief and mayhem, how we see ourselves, politics, sex, superheroes and the outer limits of comics. It is an impressive display and if you re interested in art or comics then you should definitely attend. it will make you want to go and buy a ton of comics however.

    It closes 19 August, so get there quick.

    British Library Comics Unmasked

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